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Savage Farms Sweet Wines

     Love What You Drink

Simply Savage...

Nestled perfectly in the beautiful rolling hills of Eastern Kentucky sits a hidden gem called Savage Farms. Our country wines are crafted right here on our family owned and operated farm. Staying true to our purpose, Savage Farms continues to produce deliciously decadent products that we personally enjoy. Our mission to share what we love so much originally started as gifts to our friends and neighbors but quickly developed a much farther reach and higher demand. Here we are, still on the farm doing what we love with an even greater opportunity to share, yet keeping to our core values and or original mission to simply share what we love. We are thrilled to have you visit our farm and welcome you out for a personal tour and wine tasting.  

Simply Sharing.  Simply Savage.   

Wine Decanter

Contact Us

10251 N Hwy 3 Louisa KY 41230


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